Maevey – 4 Months

I have not had much time to write as I’ve been busy with Maevey and enjoying as much time as I can with her. I really look forward to spending time with her- even though she is just an infant she is a very interesting person. Every week I start to see her personality grow and I look forward to seeing what type of child, teenager and woman she will grow into.

During my 16-day paternity leave, Maevey gave me a “gassy” smile- it was the first time I got a glimpse at her smile. During the first week of my time off Robin and I took many “newborn” photos of Maevey with different props we purchased over the prior months. During the 1st 7 days, newborns sleep most of the day and when they are sleeping, you can position them in just about any position you want as long as the room temperature is very warm.

Over the course of the past three months, I never knew how much I would enjoy just holding her and watching her different expressions as she reacts to different things in her environment. When she was two months old, she was very observant and would watch everything that I would do and then try to mimic it whether it was trying to chew imaginary food, talk or make faces.

Just last week I was holding her on my legs at an angle so that she was facing me; I wanted to play Nintendo Wii U so I had to hold the controller up above her body and below my eyesight. Apparently Maevey did not take kindly to the controller blocking her view of my face so she would lay her foot on the controller and gently kick it and if I didn’t look at her she’d kick it harder and at that point I would look at her and she’d smile at me. The prior morning I was holding Maevey on my chest; during that time, I was looking up the weather on my phone and suddenly she took her finger and swiped the screen as if she wanted to take control.

Ever since Maevey was born, she had a very strong neck- should could hold her head up when we would burp her and as time went on she started get gain more strength in her neck and back. Now, when she’s upset or hungry she will straighten right out like a board and scream until she gets food- with that strength she can also sit up straight with some guidance.

Maevey is now 4 months old and she starting to be chattier, more interested physical items such as toys that have detail- she really enjoys looking over all of the parts and pieces. We want to go to Toys R Us and find her a nice chew toy with different pieces that will serve as an exploratory tool and something that will help her gums as she is showing signs of teething.

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Maevey is here!

Since my last post, "She's Pregnant", we have made many changes to the baby's room and purchased other items for her and for photography of her and other babies. We also received many gifts from friends, family and our Church that we are very grateful for. Early on in the pregnancy we purchased a Crib by Graco from Burlington Coat Factory, it can turn into a toddler bed and then into a regular bed.

A few days before Christmas, we found out that we are having a girl. I had prayed for a girl so we are very happy with the news. When I saw on the monitor that she was a girl, my heart skipped with joy and my mind ran with fear- I’ve been told that is typical of fathers that have daughter(s). We really enjoyed seeing her features develop as well, she has changed a lot since Robin's last ultra sound appointment. The baby no longer looks like an alien, but a very small baby with budding fingers and toes and many tiny organs. Her facial features are also developing, something that was not possible to see when my mother was pregnant with me.

Robin has been keeping a journal of her pregnancy and has been noting different changes, one of them is being able to feel the baby's movement. I had not been able to detect her movements due to her small size, but on the 22nd week of pregnancy I was able to feel her kick or jab several times- what a feeling both physically and emotionally that is! Over the next few weeks as she continued to develop I felt more and more kicks, jabs and hiccups. On several occasions I would feel 3-4 kicks in succession, as I traced my palm over Robin's stomach- never ceasing to be amazed by that sensation, especially when the kicks gained in strength. Eventually we could feel her moving her body which felt like butt cheeks moving under the surface of her skin.

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A dabble with exotic fruits

Every now and then when I make my way through the brightly lit paths of Hannaford's produce section I noticed the odd fruit and think to myself, "I wonder what that tastes like?" Six years ago I wrote an entry about the African Horned Melon, an externally orange, spiky rhine that is actually pretty sharp- internally it resembles that of a cucumber but bright green. As the years past, I continued to look at the other various exotic fruits and wonder what they too tasted like.

After playing a game on my Windows 8 tablet-laptop tactfully named "Fruit Ninja", my curiosity peaked and I had to know what these fruits tasted like- maybe it was a subliminal message or maybe it was the color graphical representations of the fruit- all I know is that the game invokes a desire to eat fruit. This is probably an un-intentional side effect of playing the game on the developers part but if it's not it's very ingenious.

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She’s pregnant

Robin and I decided mid-2012 to try for a baby; a couple of months later- in August- we found out that Robin was pregnant. We are both very excited and are looking forward to seeing our child this May. We don't have a lot of information at this time, other than it's healthy and growing as it should. Robin has had two ultrasounds so far which have resulted in these photos of our baby.

We waited three months to tell everyone the good news; we started with mom & Jack. One evening they stopped by to visit unannounced and one of our topics of discussion was a birth a new baby in the Church; this topic was a good segway into our news. I went into the kitchen to ask Robin to bring them a "new photography product" that we wanted to bring to the market. This new product was an idea that Robin came up with; I took a photo of our feet and Marbles with two booties in front of us. The camera's focus was on the booties. The photo was titled "Coming Soon | May 2013". Robin then took that photo and ordered a puzzle. We then placed the dismembered puzzle in-front of them and asked them to put it together. During the entire process neither of them understood what it meant- only that they thought the puzzles were arriving in May 2013. I finally stated to Robin that, "They don't get it". Once I had said that mom yelped and jumped into the air with excitement asking if it's true. The following weekend we attempted to reveal the news in the same manor as before, but this time without success. The reason for the failed attempted of surprise was due to the way Robin had requested the family gathering, but the end result was the same as far as the excitement went. Dad and Karen were equally as happy.

Robin has started to migrate her "office" into mine and to help with that process we visited Ikea in Stoughton, Massachusetts the weekend of November 10th with the Ramp's. We spent the entire day there browsing the store, thinking about how we want to re-decorate a couple of rooms, etc. This time around we finally took advantage of a promotion that Ikea normally has: if you spend $100 your meal will be free- so we ate twice, lunch and supper which totaled to a free $75 meal. We're still in the creative process of setting up the baby's room- a process that I think will come to completion early next year. I have however updated our office thanks to our Ikea trip.

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